History – Revision

Revision Focus

History Podcast Club

In our extra curricular History Podcast Club we investigated and explored specific topics based on areas of study within our GCSE course. These podcasts are a great tool to use when revising as they provide a different approach to revisiting topics you have previously studied - remembering a brief soundbite from a podcast may make the difference in your final grade.

The Oldershaw History Podcast - Episode 1 Kristallnacht
The Oldershaw History Podcast - Episode 2 Christmas Truce
The Oldershaw History Podcast - Episode 3 Spartacists Uprising
The Oldershaw History Podcast - Episode 4 Kapp Putsch

Useful Websites

Type “Oldershaw” into the search box & find “Mr Lawrence Year 11 class” resources.

There are a range of flashcard/quiz timed activities. TIP: Request to join the class for easier access going forward

Bitesize provides resources to aid your revision for all subjects - click below for History

GCSE History - Edexcel - BBC Bitesize

Access Seneca

Click on “courses” and search “History GCSE Edexcel” before selecting the relevant topics for Papers 1-3

Revision Tips

These ideas will help you to organise your revision and reduce stress/anxiety.

  • Tip 1 – Start now! There is lots to get through don’t leave it until the last few weeks
  • Tip 2 – Attend after school/lunchtime revision sessions
  • Tip 3 – Revise in small chunks in a quiet place (without electronic distractions)
  • Tip 4 – Try different techniques until you find one that works: Flashcards/mindmaps/apps
  • Tip 5 – Practice exam questions
  • Tip 6 – Take advantage of support from your class teachers – ask if you need
  • Tip 7 – There are lots of resources on YouTube, watch the videos as they can help with visual explanations
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