For students who haven’t used a library before, it’s a room full of resources to help and support you to do your schoolwork, enjoy reading and spend some free time. The Library is a quieter space than the rest of the school and there are a few things you need to remember when you’re there:   

  • It’s a calm and relaxing space
  • It’s somewhere you can sit and work
  • You can use the computers
  • It’s a place you can talk quietly with friends
  • You can borrow the books for up to 2 weeks at a time.
  • It’s a place where you can read silently.

We have computers for you to use, books for you to read, comics to laugh at. There are useful websites to help you with your homework as well as books for you to look things up.

And there are loads of different kinds of books that you can read in your spare time and take home.

Most of all it’s a place to help you do your work and enjoy your free time at school.

Opening times

Monday to Friday from 8.30am to 4.00pm

Where are we?

Along the corridor from the main hall, opposite the main office and The Executive Principals’ room.

Who’s in charge?

Miss Wright is the librarian and oversees the running of all aspects of the library.

What else happens in the library?

  • Extra Time – From 3.15pm to 4.00pm – this is quiet after school time where you can do your homework, use computers and borrow books. 
  • Intervention Programmes – helping our students meet their full potential through interaction with teaching staff
  • Accelerated Reading Sessions – focussed reading time with curriculum support workers and Miss Wright.
  • Break & Lunchtime – Free time for students to relax, look at magazines, read a book, chat quietly with friends, play chess or catch up with homework.

NEW clubs are also available in the library;

  • Mondays – Homework club with Mr Madden & Gaming club with Mr Whitby
  • Tuesdays – Various reading groups with Miss Wright
  • Wednesdays – Librarian club with Miss Wright
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