School Day


The school operates a cafeteria system providing a range of popular meals for about £1.80. Provision is made in the canteen area for pupils wishing to bring sandwiches. Parents are asked to let us know in writing which of the following three options you wish your child to take at lunchtime:

  1. School meal and remaining on school premises.
  2. Packed lunch and remaining on school premises.
  3. Home for lunch – in exceptional circumstances only and by prior arrangement with the Headteacher

No Year 7-11 pupils are allowed to leave the school site during lunch time unless it is by prior arrangement with the Principals. Pupils will be supervised throughout the lunch period. Pupils who leave the school without permission are breaking an school rule and will be punished accordingly. Pupils who have the appropriate permission to go home for lunch are expected to obtain a lunch pass from their Progress Leader (Head of Year), giving them permission to leave the school premises. All pupils are expected to be well behaved in the community. School rules apply from the moment pupils leave home to the time they arrive home at the end of the school day.


Attendance is a very important part of School life. All pupils must aim for 100% and good attendance is rewarded through certificates and reward trips. We ask for the full support of all parents in aiming for high standards in attendance. Holidays during term time will not be approved except in the most exceptional of circumstances; application for leave of absence in such cases must be made, in writing, to the Headteacher who, in consultation with the Progress Leader for the pupil, will make a decision in accordance with DfE legislation.

Travelling to and from the School

We work in partnership with the local authority and the Mersey Transport Plan to provide a quality transport service for Oldershaw students. Any parent or pupil experiencing difficulty with transport to or from school should contact the School, who can provide support, on 0151 638 2800.

The Oldershaw School
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T: 0151 638 2800 E: Executive Headteacher: Mr S Fisher