Pupils achieve in a caring environment that involves a very real and positive partnership between parents, pupils and the school. We aim to provide a happy and exciting environment in which all pupils will succeed. We expect pupils to work hard, respect each other, be responsible and contribute to the life of the school. All achievement is celebrated and high standards are achieved through the dedication and ability of our professional staff.

The Oldershaw School is proud of its reputation as a caring school. Each pupil is treated as an individual and the school is, therefore, organised on a tutor based system.

Form groups are able to work in a “family” atmosphere of mutual trust and co-operation. The Form Teacher is able to get to know a small group of pupils, providing stability for the children as they progress through The Oldershaw School. The Form Teacher will be the teacher who knows your child best and will be best known by your child. Form Teacher also teach the Personal, Social and Health Education programme. Parents should contact their child’s Form Teacher if they are at all concerned or require information and we encourage parents to come into school if possible.

The year group is led by the Progress Leader with support of a non-teaching Assistant Progress Leader. The Form Teacher and Progress Leader work together to provide support for all pupils and monitor their progress as learners.

We actively encourage our pupils to contribute to improving school life. Every Form group is represented on the School Council which meets regularly and contributes to school decision making.

The Oldershaw School
Valkyrie Road, Wallasey
Wirral CH45 4RJ
T: 0151 638 2800 E: Executive Headteacher: Mr S Fisher